Transporting animals - requirements



It is forbidden to transport animals in hand-made containers. The container in which the animal is transported must meet the following requirements:

  • The container for animals must be equipped with an absorbent diaper, a container for water as well. Homemade are not allowed. The feed must correspond to the breed of the animal being transported. Containers should be accessible from the outside to replenish feed and water.

  • Be clean, serviceable, strong and remain closed during transport to prevent the animal from escaping.

  • Ventilate on at least three sides. Ventilation is provided by one open side (which can be a door) and vents. The total ventilation area must be at least 17% of the total area of ​​all four sides. Additional openings on the roof or on the sides are allowed.

  • Each animal in the container should have enough space to get up freely, sit down at full height, turn around, lie down.

  • In the middle, along two long sides, equipped with handles. If there are wheels, they must be dismantled or immobilized.

  • Made of non-toxic materials such as fiberglass, metal, hard plastic, welded metal mesh, hardwood or plywood. It is forbidden to transport animals in containers made of wire or welded mesh.

  • Some hard plastic containers are not suitable for transporting large or aggressive dogs. Containers made of solid wood, metal, plywood or similar materials with at least 2 locking devices on each side are allowed.

  • Must not cause damage. All inner edges should be smooth and rounded.

  • The bottom of the structure must be solid and waterproof. One side of the container should serve as a door that can be extended or hinged. Large doors should have additional hinges and two or three additional locks. Doors must be made of plastic, welded or cast metal, be of sufficient size and thickness to prevent the animal from bending or deforming them.

  • To avoid damage, the size of the net should be such that the nose or paws of the animal do not pass through it.