чемпіонат Лівану з армрестлінгу
07 September
Bravo Airways has partnered with Lebanon's Arm Wrestling Championship
September 9, 2018 in Beirut will be the final part of the championship in armwrestling in Lebanon. The event is held by the Lebanese Armwrestling  Federation with the assistance of the Embassy...
02 August
Attention to passengers who plan to travel to Lublin
Dear passengers! We want to inform you that, unfortunately, we are forced to suspend flights from Kiev to Lublin. Such decision was taken by us to regulate the schedule of charter transportation...
17 July
Flight schedule to Lublin
Dear passengers! On June 15, 2018, we opened a new direction from Ukraine to the Polish Lublin. For the first month, 44 flights were completed and with each subsequent flight we try to improve and...