About us

A successful business is born not from calculations, not from strategies or plans. Even a small business is born of a dream. It is the dream of comfortable and affordable air travel for Ukrainians that laid the foundation of our business. For 6 years we have grown into a successful and dynamic airline, which annually displays steady growth and expands the geography of flights.

Beginning road Ltd. "Airline" Bravo "begins with its foundation April 2, 2012 and licensing State Aviation Administration of Ukraine for the provision of passenger and cargo air April 3, 2012. April 5 of that year was granted Operator.

At the beginning of our journey, we established for ourselves several key values ​​that we are guided by in our work to this day.

Our values: safety and confidence of passengers, honesty, reliability, as well as attentive attitude to each passenger. To achieve qualitative results, to constantly improve our skills and to use time efficiently are our main principles.

Our Mission: Continuous development and improvement of the quality of aviation services, the security of which is the main responsibility and purpose of the airline.

The airline has implemented a safety and quality management system in accordance with the applicable ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) regulations. The training of flight and engineering staff meets the highest European requirements. _1 _

We sincerely thank all our passengers for the stimulus that you give each day for our development and improvement, for the most valuable thing that is in any way - your trust. The highest score for us is the desire to be our regular customers, partners and friends.

BRAVO AIRWAYS - fly surely!