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Подорож з тваринами
Traveling with animals

Always expecting your holidays with excitement. It is a change of environment, new experiences ... But the anticipation of a long-awaited vacation can be ruined by the idea that your pet remains at home. You have two options: leave your pet in the care of friends, relatives or take it on a trip. Which one is better? It’s for you to choose.

You can take the animal to the plane by paying extra for its transportation. The size of the additional fee is calculated in accordance with the established tariffs, based on the weight of the animal, along with the cell / container in which it is transported. This weight is not included in the rate of free checked-in luggage.

In the case of charter flights, please specify the cost of transportation with the tour operator, from which you bought or going to buy a tour or separate tickets for the flight.

For regular flights, the following tariffs are set:

Route Cost per 1 kg of weight with a container
Kyiv - Amman 8 dollars
Amman - Kyiv 20 dollars
Kyiv - Beirut - Kyiv 15 dollars
Kyiv - Tehran - Kyiv Transportation of animals is prohibited!
Kherson - Lublin - Kherson 5 euro

Before traveling, be sure to find out all the information on the conditions of import and export of animals in the countries and transit airports that you plan to visit according to the planned route. In some countries, it is prohibited to import certain animals, and there is also the need for a long quarantine to pass. All these factors need to be taken into account.

In order to confirm the possibility of taking your animal on board, you need to contact the airline Bravo Airways 7 days before the departure date via the site: In the application, indicate: the weight of the cage with a pet, the size of the cage, the number of animals in the cage, the type of animal (dog / cat, etc.), the presence of vaccinations. In a cage there may be no more than 2 animals. Airline Bravo Airways has the right to limit the number of animals transported per flight, as well as determine the way of their carriage. Animals can be transported in the cabin of the aircraft, in the luggage compartment.

Перевозка животных в салоне самолета
Animals in the cabin of the plane

In the cabin of an airplane it is allowed to carry dogs, cats and birds, if the size of the cage does not exceed the parameters 50x30x20 cm, and the weight of the cage with the animal does not exceed 8 kg.

Also an important factor is the lack of allergies among the passengers of this flight. In case of providing the appropriate medical document on the part of the passenger with allergies to the specified animal, the airline will be forced to refuse to transport the animal in the cabin of the aircraft.

For transportation in an airplane your pet must:

  • be clean and healthy;
  • be transported in a protected container, intended for the transport of animals;
  • have the opportunity to stand vertically, to return and lie in a natural way;
  • be transported in a closed and sufficiently ventilated cage or in a suitable container, which must remain closed during the flight.
Перевозка животных в багажном отсеке
Transportation in luggage compartment

As a rule, animals are transported in the luggage compartment of the aircraft. Animal transportation is carried out in a cage / container of the appropriate size with air access, the size of which allows the animal to lie comfortably, turn around and stand in full swing.

The bottom of the container should be waterproof, do not forget to cover it with absorbent material and provide the container with a bowl for water and food, with the ability to replenish them from the outside. The container should include your contact information (name and phone number), the door must be securely locked into the lock.



Служебные животные
Service animals

The official dogs include:

  • Dogs-guide, for blind, visually impaired, deaf passengers, as well as people with disabilities.
  • Dogs are assistant officers of state authorities and rescue teams.


  • animals must be clean and healthy;
  • dogs must have collars, leashes and muzzles;
  • the request for the transport of an official animal must be sent to the airline of Bravo Airways not later than 48 hours before departure, and confirmed by the airline. Service animals must be entered in the reservation system with the mandatory designation of the animal type, the weight and the reasons for its transportation as an official animal;
  • the service dog must have the necessary travel documents and a certificate confirming the training;
  • service animals are transported free of charge.
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