Flight schedule to Lublin


Dear passengers!

On June 15, 2018, we opened a new direction from Ukraine to the Polish Lublin. For the first month, 44 flights were completed and with each subsequent flight we try to improve and create the most comfortable conditions and convenient schedule for you. During the first month, we received and processed all your reviews and comments about flights to Lublin and, based on them, developed a more convenient schedule for you.

Based on this, the Airlines Bravo Airways informs that from July 20, 2018 flights to Lublin BAY211 / BAY 212 Kyiv-Lublin-Kyiv, BAY 215 / BAY 216 Kherson-Lublin-Kherson will be executed according to the following schedule:

BAY 211 Kyiv (IEV) - Lublin (LUZ)            Fri, Sun       17:00 - 17:25

BAY 212 Lublin (LUZ) - Kyiv (IEV)            Fri, Sun       22:45 - 01:50

BAY 215 Kherson (KHE) - Lublin (LUZ)    Fri, Sun       21:30 - 22:15

BAY 216 Lublin (LUZ) - Kherson (KHE)    Fri, Sun        18:00 - 20:50

Pay attention, who have already purchased tickets, due to changes in the time of departure and arrival, you can return tickets purchased before July 17, 2018, or change the date of the ticket for free.

To do this, please fill out the form on the website in the "Support", selecting the topic "Booking of air tickets". Do not forget to specify details of the flight and booking.