Bravo Airways has partnered with Lebanon's Arm Wrestling Championship

чемпіонат Лівану з армрестлінгу

September 9, 2018 in Beirut will be the final part of the championship in armwrestling in Lebanon. The event is held by the Lebanese Armwrestling  Federation with the assistance of the Embassy of Ukraine and sponsorship of the Ukrainian airline Bravo Airways.

The armwrestling championship will be a highlight of Lebanese public life, a presentation of Ukraine as a great sports power and a symbol of unity through the sport of the Lebanese and Ukrainian people.

Ukrainian power and strength will be represented at the competitions in Lebanon – World’s famous Ukrainian manners - World Champions Andrei  Pushkar, Igor Mazurenko, Alexei  Semerenko and  Vadim Stetsyuk. It is because of the participation of Ukrainian champions that the competitions will be held under the slogan "Europe in Lebanon".

The highlight of the sporting event will be the demonstration fights of the Ukrainian armwrestlers  O. Semerenka and V. Stetsyuk with the Lebanese athletes M. Bassil and J. Bejani.

The championship will be held on the main square of Beirut Martyr's Square and will be broadcasted  live by the leading Lebanese channels LBC, LB2, LDC.

Before the athletes and spectators of the duels, the Ambassador of Ukraine in Lebanon, I. Ostash, will make a speech. The final guests will be the representatives of political, public and sports circles, the diplomatic corps, local media, the Ukrainian-Lebanese community, fans of power sports, friends of Ukraine.

This year, the participation of Bravo Airways in the organization of the championship is not a debut. The airline constantly cooperates with the Embassy of Ukraine in Lebanon, helping with various events such as the exhibition of the "Winners" of the 1 + 1 channel in Lebanon, the Beirut court at the Book Arsenal in 2018, the travels of Ukrainian and Lebanese children to the summer camp "Artek" in Bukovel and many others.