Attention to passengers who plan to travel to Lublin


Dear passengers!

We want to inform you that, unfortunately, we are forced to suspend flights from Kiev to Lublin. Such decision was taken by us to regulate the schedule of charter transportation during the hot holiday period and to avoid long delays.

The circumstances that have emerged recently in the Ukrainian tourist market, as well as the low demand for this destination among the passengers, made us accept such a decision.

We have made changes to the route network, and the release of aircraft in this way gives us the opportunity to finally settle and improve the schedule of charter transportation for the convenience of our passengers, as well as to provide a reserve fleet in case of unforeseen situations at moments of peak loads. At the same time, we continue to flight on the Kherson-Lublin-Kherson route on Sundays according to the following schedule:

BAY 215 Kherson (KHE) - Lublin (LUZ) Sun 11:15 - 12:05

BAY 216 Lublin (LUZ ) - Kherson (KHE) Sun 12:55 - 15:45

In advance, we apologize to the passengers who have already purchased tickets and planned a trip to and from Lublin. For our part, we are obliged to fulfill all obligations imposed on us in connection with the cancellation of these flights in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

Sincerely, Bravo Airways!